H. Nassiri, R.E. Hayes, N. Semagina
Topics in Catalysis, 62, 386-390
Publication year: 2019


Tin dioxide was assessed as a substitute for part of platinum-group metals in a catalytic converter, and the activity of various Pd and PdPt catalysts was compared on conventional alumina support and SnO2 in wet lean methane combustion. Remarkably, Pd-only catalysts supported on SnOrevealed higher activity compared with PdPt/Al2O3. The catalysts benefit from the strong metal-support interactions and high oxygen mobility in SnO2 with dual Sn4+/Sn2+ valency. SnO2 can thus be considered a potential replacement of Pt in a catalytic converter for a natural gas vehicle under lean burn conditions. This potentially decreases the price of the converter and eliminates the need for scarce and expensive Pt. © 2019 Springer Nature, reprinted with permission.