Selective homogeneous and heterogeneous hydrogenation of acetylenic alcohols (C10) using a [60] fullerene-Pd-phosphine complex: application, mechanizm and kinetics

E.M. Sulman, V.G. Matveeva, N.V. Semagina, C. Deibele, J. Bargon, V.V. Bashilov
Molecular Crystals and Liquid Crystals Science and Technology, Section C – Molecular Materials, 11 (102), 53-56
Publication year: 1998

Method of linalool producing

E.M. Sulman, V.G. Matveeva, V.V. Bashilov, N.V. Semagina, M.G. Sulman
Patent (Russia) RU 2118953
Publication year: 1998

FIELD: chemical technology. SUBSTANCE: linalool is produced from dehydrolinalool by selective hydrogenization on preliminary reduced palladium catalyst at increased temperature in hydrogen flow at concentration of dehydrolinalool 0.1-0.43 mole/l, at 40-70 C in the presence of heterogeneous catalyst made as a complex (η2-C60)Pd(PPh3)2, and applied on carbon carrier “Sibunit” at amount 0.05-0.3 g/l in inert medium. Linalool is an intermediate organic compound used in pharmaceutical and perfume industry. EFFECT: high purity of product, high rate of synthesis.

Method of extraction from solid vegetable raw material

M.G. Sulman, T.V. Ankudinova, D.N. Pirog, E.M. Sulman, N.V. Semagina
Patent (Russia) RU 2104733
Publication year: 1998

FIELD: extraction of valuable components from solids. SUBSTANCE: the method consists in preliminary grinding of vegetable raw material with a subsequent action by ultrasound at a frequency of 22 kHz and intensity of ultrasound action within 1 to 70 W/ for 60 to 420 s in a solution of ethanol. EFFECT: facilitated procedure.